Why You Can’t Wait Until Next Year For An Eldercare EAP Program

don't wait to start elder care eap program.jpgWaiting until next year for an elder care EAP program is a decision that’ll negatively impact both your employees and your business. U.S. businesses lose up to $33 billion annually in lost productivity due to their informal caregiver workers, according to Family Caregiver Alliance. It’s time to ask, “Why am I waiting to invest in helping my employees?”

Integrating a high-quality senior care assistance program into your employee benefits can be easy and cost-effective. Senior Providers Network offers a simple integrated portal to facilitate senior care solutions and increase employee productivity.

Why Is An Eldercare EAP Program Such An Urgent Necessity?

With up to 22% of the American workforce juggling work and caregiving simultaneously, it’s time to take notice that employing working caregivers costs your company money. Caring for an elderly loved one while working full-time—or even part-time—inevitably comes with its distractions. Many working caregivers are forced to take leave of absences, reduce their work hours, or even quit their jobs entirely due to caregiving for an elderly loved one.

Further statistics on working caregivers aren’t promising:

  • 70% face work-related difficulties due to their dual roles
  • 69% report having to rearrange their work schedule
  • 49% arrive to work late/leave early/take time off
  • In 2007, 37% quit their jobs or reduced work hours

The fact is, the longer companies wait to invest in elder care assistance for their employees, the worse the problem becomes. 10,000 people turn 65 every day over the next 10 years, which shows that the issue is only going to grow. The sooner you integrate an effective elder care EAP program into your employee benefits, the faster you’ll see positive results like a decrease in lost productivity and absenteeism.

How Will Senior Providers Network Fit Into My Company Budget?

Senior Providers Network has created a specialized EAP solution that’s removed many industry standards, such as call centers and complicated technical demands. Because of this, we’re able to keep our overhead low and pass the savings onto clients. Our costs are much lower than our competitors, as well as the average EAP cost of $12 to $40 per employee per year.

Our costs are as follows:

  • Companies with more than 150 employees pay $0.50 per employee
  • Companies with less than 150 employees pay a flat rate of $900 per year
  • One-time setup fee of $500 for companies with less than 10,000 employees
  • One-time setup fee of $1,000 for companies with more than 10,000 employees

For less than the price you’d pay for a cup of coffee, you can cover an employee’s senior care assistance needs for an entire year. Our simple integrated platform offers solutions using real-life scenarios, removes the need to understand complex industry terms, and offers your employees references to vetted, trusted professionals at a fraction of the cost.

Senior Providers Network can also conduct an ROI analysis. We help you understand your specific employee demographic and assess your company’s most pressing senior care needs. Factoring in the statistics and our costs, our network will provide profound savings to your company—savings you can’t wait until next year to have.

To see how Senior Providers Network can help your employees, increase business revenue, and decrease lost productivity time, click here to request a demo.

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