Making elder care easier

How We Help

How we help

Families: We provide a comprehensive package of services and resources caregivers need.  Services include the opportunity to talk to doctors, lawyers, counselors and many other discounted services. These services are available to the public.*

Employers: Elder care impacts workplace productivity to the tune of over $30B a year. We provide companies, both large and small, customized employee benefits plans that fits your budget and needs.

Brokers: We provide brokers with comprehensive elder care benefit plans that can be customized to support today’s multi-generational workforce.

The Elder-Care Solution

We get it, elder care is complicated and confusing, especially when you’re in an emotional state. Let us help you with navigating your elder care options and connect you to a vetted network of professionals across the U.S.

Our solution also includes access to doctors online, counseling services, telephonic EAP, Teledoc, ID theft and many discounted services such as pharmacy, diabetic supplies and more.

About Us

The founders met at a local senior resource event marketing their respective elder care businesses. They shared stories as caregivers for their own family and know from first hand experience that elder care information is unorganized, unreliable or just confusing.

Senior Providers Network aims to simplify the process, eliminate the guess work. The goal is to provide people who are caregivers with solutions in a matter of minutes, not hours or days. Ultimately connecting caregivers to vetted professionals that they would use for their own family.

Now with strategic national partnerships with different companies throughout the U.S. we now also offer access to doctors online, counseling services, legal, health advocate services and discounted services on durable medical equipment, MRI/CT Scans, hearing aids and many more.

Contact Us

Want to be sure that our product is right for your company? Contact us and we’ll be happy to conduct a free cost benefit analysis to determine how much money your company could save.


Does your company provide services for the elderly? Are you ready to connect to people who actually need your services? If the answer is yes to both and you pride yourself in providing great customer service then drop us a line to see how we can work together.