How Is Senior Providers Different From Other Senior Care EAP Programs?

senior providers network eap programThe employee benefits market is fragmented and confusing enough on its own. Add in a healthy dose of legislative uncertainty and it can be difficult to choose benefits that work well for your employees, yet fit within budgetary restrictions.

The Senior Providers Network approach improves industry standards with technology to create a more efficient and accessible solution. We’ve created a simple-to-integrate software and removed the need for a call center, with the goal of helping employees quickly identify care needs using real-life scenarios. The user-friendly network then connects your employees directly to providers.

Comparing EAP programs directly is a detailed process: you’ve got to consider employee count, measure your budget, predict ROI, and so on. Here we will explain in detail how our senior care assistance program can help your employees with a relatively low investment compared to our competitors.

Senior Providers Has Developed A New Approach

Senior Providers Network requires no HIPAA verification, access to company intranet, or arduous employee registration. Our cloud-based solution is ready to use the same day as installation. We provide you with the link and password needed to log in to the portal, and you gain immediate access to benefits.

This approach removes the need for using an EAP call center entirely. These centers are often employed with representatives who lack training in geriatric care, or expect employees to understand confusing medical/healthcare terminology. Our system asks the questions directly, removing the need to talk to anyone on the phone.

Our use of real-life scenarios and wording offers an easier experience for users, improving employee senior care assistance while remaining secure, password-protected, and efficient.

Senior Providers Network Is Cost Competitive

Removing high technical demands and lengthy implementation processes from the system cuts down on our company costs. Not paying people to wait for a phone to ring, removing the need to embed our system into company networks, and keeping our overhead low has provided us with the opportunity to pass savings onto you.

If you aren’t aware of our EAP costs, let us briefly explain:

  • Companies with more than 150 employees pay $0.50 per employee
  • Companies with less than 150 employees pay a flat rate of $900 per year
  • One-time setup fee of $500 for companies with less than 10,000 employees
  • One-time setup fee of $1,000 for companies with more than 10,000 employees

Our competitive pricing is especially noticeable when considering that the average annual EAP cost is between $12 and $40 per employee. By developing a software that directly connects employees to providers and requires minimal implementation, the Senior Providers Network has created new opportunities for savings and improved the quality of senior care assistance solutions for employees.

To learn more about how our EAP program can decrease your company’s lost productivity and help your employees care for their elderly loved ones, click here to request a demo.

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