When is the Right Time for a Senior to Downsize or Move?

Right time to downsize or moveIt seems that we spend much of our lives complaining about how the home is not big enough, only to discover one day that we don’t need all that extra room. At some point, a senior homeowner will face that challenge and must decide whether to downsize, move to a smaller home or an eldercare facility.

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Signs Downsizing or Moving is Required

Keep in mind that there is no magic age when a senior will suddenly need to downsize or move to another location. But there are signs that you will need to heed when they appear.

Too Much Stuff:
While it is tempting to hang on to items for sentimental value, there are so many things that become useless, go out of style, or just take up space that could be sold or thrown away. Downsizing forces you to keep what is needed and give up what is not. Plus, you may find potentially valuable items that might fetch a good price in an auction.

Being far away from family can be quite trying for seniors. This means attending events, recitals, or games that their grandkids play. Distance breeds isolation which causes even more issues, so moving might be required to bring them back into the family.

Unused Rooms:
Having more than one unused room is a definite sign that downsizing and perhaps moving to another location is needed. Unused rooms adds to the utility bills along with having to be cleaned. If a senior has more than a single unused room, it is time to think about moving to a smaller home or senior care centers.

Yard Maintenance:
This is less direct than home maintenance since many able-bodied people hire lawn care companies or individuals to take care of their property. But that is an expense that should be considered for those who may no longer be able to keep up with the yard work themselves.

Don’t forget that the home itself depending on its size and location might be quite valuable. Selling it and moving into a smaller home puts a nice amount of cash in the bank for them to use.

How to Act When the Time Arrives

When downsizing or moving is required, then it is time to start planning. The more you can prepare, the easier it will be when the time comes.

Search, catalog, and list the items that need to be removed from the home. You can donate them to charity, auction, or sell them directly. The money raised should be used to help the senior if moving is now required.

Even before putting the home on the market, it is important to understand just what to look for in a new place to live. This means considering the following;

– Living with a Family Member
– Renting or Buying a Smaller Home, Condo, or Apartment
– Senior Care Centers, Assisted Living, or Nursing Home

Remember that the new location should fit the needs of the senior. So, if they can still care for themselves, then a smaller living space is fine. Only when considerable assistance is needed should a loved one obtain senior home care, companion care, or move into a senior care facility.

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