What To Know When Talking To Your Employee Benefits Broker

talk to employee benefits broker.jpgYour employee benefits broker may have concerns about Senior Providers Network: What’s their integration process? How high are the costs? When is their open enrollment period? Your broker’s job is to find cost competitive benefits for your company, but they’re not always trained to make the best industry-specific decisions.

In fact, brokers often lack expertise in elder care—they’re unaware of top providers and which plans are best for senior care assistance. Our focus at Senior Providers Network is providing high-quality senior care assistance from the top local providers in our clients’ areas. We’ve created an intuitive, cost competitive solution that’s available to implement any time.

We’re able to partner closely with your broker, using our network as an add-on to your current employee benefits program. We can increase your ROI and facilitate senior care needs, without the lengthy implementation processes or high costs.

Why Add Your Program To Our Current Employee Benefits?

The problems working caregivers face grow every day. They must deal with hospital discharges, changing work schedules, and often personal exhaustion. According to Family Caregiver Alliance, more than 1 in 6 American workers are dealing with these difficulties. As employees carry out dual roles, their work-life balance suffers and an increase in employee distraction becomes prevalent.

It’s also likely that your current EAP program lacks the high-quality senior care assistance Senior Providers Network offers since benefits packages often aren’t as robust as is needed with employee demographics.

Inevitably, this comes with its consequences:

  • Increased absenteeism
  • Distracted/stressed employees
  • Reduced productivity
  • Increase in unpaid leave
  • High turnover rates

Senior Providers Network offers a cost-effective program that uses an intuitive navigation system to provide resources to your employees. We’ve removed the need for a call center and have no complicated HIPAA requirements. Our system works well with brokers, is cost competitive, and provides top-notch senior care assistance.

How Can My Broker Add Senior Providers Network To Our Current EAP Program?

Integrating Senior Providers Network into your current EAP program is simple. Our network requires no apps, mobile software, or complicated technical installations. We use a web portal that lives in the cloud. Implementation requires minimal effort from your broker, and our trained professionals take less than a day to integrate our program securely into your system.

Other providers may require your company to wait months before integrating their program due to strict open enrollment periods. However, this isn’t necessary with Senior Providers Network. Our product is a simple, standalone software that intuitively provides elder care resources to your employees, and is easily installed anytime of the year.

We simplify your broker’s responsibilities, increase your potential ROI, and provide high-quality senior care assistance. We’ll work closely with your broker to provide a simple, cost-effective elder care EAP program to decrease employee absenteeism and improve productivity.

To see how we can work with your broker to provide implement our elder care EAP into your current employee benefits program, click here to request a demo.

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