Value 24-Hour Care for National Family Caregivers Month

national caregivers monthIf you are an employer that desires to add more value to your employee benefits package, you’ll want to include elder care services. We’re thankful that this month has brought increased awareness of elder care with National Family Caregivers Month. This month, Senior Providers Network is doing its part to highlight the necessity and value of elder care services for you and your employees.

What is National Family Caregivers Month?

November has been designated as National Family Caregivers Month. This month has been chosen to highlight the special challenges that family caregivers face. It also gives us all an opportunity to be thankful for the service of family caregivers. Caregiving for elderly relatives is not a job that ends at a certain time of the day. For this reason, family caregiving often requires a team. It’s a nonstop, around the clock, process that continues for every day of the year while loved ones are in need. For people who try to brave the responsibility of caring for an elder alone, the never ending demands of such a task can be stressful and time-consuming. This is especially true when the task is combined with the demands of a full time job.

Family Caregiving is an Around the Clock Job

For many millions of people, caring for elderly relatives is a full time job on top of the full time job that they already hold. Imagine your employee moonlighting as a live-in nurse for an unspecified number of hours, while trying to maintain optimum performance on their job. The fatigue that will eventually set in will begin to affect the quality of their job performance.

As a result, even though many people who are in such a position remain dedicated and hardworking employees, they can still cost their companies millions of dollars per year due to being absent or being too distracted to function at a high level. Providing elder care services to your employees becomes an investment that your company should highly consider to keep reaching your company’s productivity and profitability goals.

If you aren’t aware of the value of elder care services in employee benefits, now is the time for you to get up to speed. Now is the time for you to explore the big ‘why’ for elder care services, because the struggles that employees face in trying to juggle a full time job with full time care of an elderly relative are immense.

The Need for Elder Care Services is Only Going to Increase

This is a hardship for your employees that is only going to increase, rather than diminish. Roughly 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 65 on this very day, and about 10,000 more will cross that threshold every day for the next 13 years (according to the Pew Research Center). We must face that our population is aging, and this includes your employees’ parents and relatives. The pressure on your employees to care for their relatives will take an enormous toll, physically, emotionally, and financially. Therefore, it is more important than ever for employers to include elder care services in their standard employee benefits package. Give your employees the assistance they need.

Senior Providers Network Offers a First Class Program for Your Company

Senior Providers Network offers a solution that employers can adopt to give their employees some much needed resources that are difficult to understand and find. Our platform helps educate your employees on the services they need based on their situation and most importantly connects them to vetted professionals that we would recommend for our own family. Our “virtual gerontologist” is simple to use, easy to integrate, and cost effective platform that you can offer to your employees. It is a standalone platform or it can enhance your current elder care employee benefit package.

Contact Us Today for More Info on National Family Caregivers Month

If you are interested in learning more about elder care services and solutions during National Family Caregivers Month, please get in touch with us. Our team can quickly fill you in on everything you need to know to participate in our employee benefit program. This is an excellent opportunity to gain more of your employees’ appreciation, trust, and long term loyalty.