The Great Benefits of the National Family Caregiver Support Program

Family CaregiverIf you are an employer who has a large number of people of a certain age working for you, you should know about the benefits of the National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP). Started in 2000, the NFCSP provides grants to states and territories, based on their share of the population age 70 and over, to fund a range of support.  This special program has been designed to aid your employees in providing the very best possible home care to relatives who are sick or elderly. The program gives your employees the assistance they need to make sure that they are able to care for the needs of their family members while still being able to work a full time job to support themselves.  Having access to this type of service is crucial when there is a financial challenge.

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Access to Information About the Services Provided

The National Family Caregivers Support Program offers a wide range of special services to both caregivers and the people they are caring for. The program is designed to provide your employees with full access to these services as well as the info you need to access and make use of them. The more info you have concerning these important services, the easier you will find it to make the lives of your loved ones more comfortable.

Who is Eligible?

As of the 2016 Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act, the following population of caregivers are eligible to receive NFCSP services:

  • Adult family members or other informal caregivers age 18 and older providing care to individuals 60 years of age and older
  • Adult family members or other informal caregivers age 18 and older providing care to individuals of any age with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders
  • Older relatives (not parents) age 55 and older providing care to children under the age of 18
  • Older relatives, including parents, age 55 and older providing care to adults of the ages 18-59 with disabilities

Assistance in Gaining Access to These Services

The NFCSP will give you the assistance you need to gain access to these services. All of the info you need in order to apply for and receive the services you need will be provided to you under the terms of the program. Notify us as to your organization’s needs as far as making your employees aware of these types of resources and we will schedule a consultation to get you up to speed.

Individual Counseling, Support Groups, and Training

Giving part time or full time care to an aged or ill family member is a serious task to undertake. For this reason, the NFCSP is authorized to provide a range of special counseling and training services, both on an individual and group basis. This will help you to become a more attentive and effective caregiver to the one you are caring for. These services are also designed to help you deal with the strain of being the primary or sole caregiver to an aged or ill relative who can no longer look after themselves.

Access to Top Quality Respite Care

Not many people can care for an elderly or sick relative all by themselves. Sometimes, you simply need to take a break and regroup. In such circumstances, it would help for you to have access to top quality respite care to cover for you. The Senior Providers Network platform can direct you to top respite care services that will allow you to make sure that your relatives are cared for during times when, for whatever reason, you need a break or simply cannot be there to give them care in-person.

Full Access to a Wide Variety of Supplemental Services

You should also be aware that the NFCSP can provide you with a wide variety of special supplemental services designed to give you the extra support that you require. These supplemental services are provided on a limited basis in order to complement the care that your loved ones are already receiving from you.

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If you would like to learn more about the National Family Caregiver Support Program and what it can do for you and your organization’s employees, please contact us today. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your company’s needs, as well as to learn more about these specific programs and how Senior Providers Network can help your company.

If you’re a family caregiver or know someone that is and would you like to learn more about Senior Providers Network Family Caregiver Plan?  Click below.  It’s available to the public…

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