How Can I Take Care of My Parents and Keep My Job?

How can I get paid to care for my parents and can I afford itOne of the most difficult decisions for children (Family Caregiver) of elderly parents to make is how to take care of them when they have a job. The idea of putting their loved ones in senior care centers has considerable drawbacks. Plus, the thought of if you can take care of your parent, then you should because it is your responsibility.
Of course, giving up your career is something that is not a pleasing idea as well.

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So, the first step is understanding that you will engage in a two-step process;
Ability – Can I help my parent around the house with their physical and mental needs?
Affordability – Can I or my parents afford the appropriate care while I’m at work? If I quit, will I need to get paid for being a family caregiver?

When you have answered both questions, then you will know what to do. So, the first step is determining what is needed. You will need to take into consideration the following;
– State of Mental and Physical Health
– Current Physician’s Prognosis
– What is lacking in their Current Situation?
– Is Living at Home a Viable Option for Your Parents?
– Do They Desire to Live with Other Seniors in a Community?

It comes down to what your parents need and what they want that will determine then senior care needed. Remember that you need to assess their situation today and try to address their needs for tomorrow. Now that you know where you stand, the next step is what can be done.
On both ends of the spectrum, which means that your parents need very little help or if they need 24/7 care, then the decision is rather straightforward. It is in in-between areas where you will become more involved such as the following.

Minimal Assisted Care
If your parents need some help around the house with cleaning, laundry, dinner, and the like, then there are in-home services that can address those needs. In-home services are designed for seniors who need a little help during the day. Another option is looking into an adult day care. It is exactly what it sounds like, a facility that watches your parents during the day while you’re at work. These facilities watch your parents, have social activities and also includes a meal. This can be an alternative to costly 24/7 home care services or senior living facility.

Moving In
Whether you move into their home or they move into yours, this is an option where more help in needed than an in-home services provider can offer. You will care for them when home from work while any assistance needed is offered by a provider. This will require considerable changes to your life as you are now living with them. However, with some assistance you can keep your job.

Be sure to check for Medicare or Medicaid qualifications as they can provide additional assistance as part of their services. This also includes any assistance that was part of their pension or being in the workforce. You may find that many seniors value social interaction quite highly with those their own age, so having them visit senior centers or eventually moving into a care facility may be the best answer.

In any event, there are ways you can care for your parents while still keeping your job. It will take some considerable adjustment but understand that there is plenty of senior home care assistance out there if you look.

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