Provide your employees with an innovative benefit that will save your company money.

If you could offer your employees a new innovative way to reduce the time away from work when they are faced with caring for a senior loved one, would you? Specialized eldercare employee benefits are now available at a cost employers can afford, and it can improve your company’s bottom line.

The Benefits of Providing Eldercare Resources

The U.S. already has more people over 60 than under 15, and average life expectancy is roughly 79 years, up from 70 in 1960.

By 2040, the percentage of people aged 65 and older will account for nearly 22% of the population, up from 13% in 2010.

An estimated 70% of all Americans 65 and older will need assistance at some point in their lives.

25% of all family caregivers are millennials.

Caregivers more frequently report having depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, or pulmonary disease compared with non-caregiving employees. That’s an 8% increase in healthcare costs for caregivers compared with costs for non-caregiving employees.

With using the Senior Providers Network’s platform and services, employees report a reduction in time away from work along with less stress when they are caring for a senior loved one. 

These benefits tend to result in a reduction in healthcare costs and achieve results in the following:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved engagement and productivity
  • Less unscheduled time missed from work
  • Fewer workers’ compensation claims
  • Increased employee morale and retention

Provide Your Employees with More Understanding and Eldercare Resources when they are faced with the unknown.


"I just went through caring for my dad.  It wasn’t easy to manage family, parents and a job all at the same time.  After reviewing your platform it would have saved me 40+ hours of not knowing what to do and who to turn to."  - J. Johnson MBA, SPHR, HR Director