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Differentiate yourself in the marketplace by providing an unique employee benefit that people will eventually need.

Over 15% of the U.S. workforce are providing care for an elderly loved one while at work. This number is only growing as 10,000 people turn 65 every day. Working caregivers need to have access to tools and resources so they can help make tough decisions that will affect them and their families. 

What can employers do to address these challenges?

The first step might be simply to raise awareness of working caregivers. Maybe include workplace flexibility?  Are employers the expert in this industry?

Only 56% of employed caregivers report that their supervisor is aware of their caregiving responsibilities. This may be because of a perceived stigma around caring for an aging loved one, vs. caring for children. In fact, a 2010 survey showed that 31% of working caregivers don’t self-identify.

When it comes to innovative eldercare employee benefits, we have the expertise. As your partner in solving employer’s productivity due to employees having to care for a senior loved one, you can offer our products and services as a benefit to your clients and prospects.

The confusion about the eldercare industry is only magnified by information available online. But employees don’t want to play a guessing game when it comes to caring for a senior loved one. They are in a reactive position and they’re looking for answers and they want access to resources.

The Top Work Impacts Due to Caregiving:

  • Go in late, leave early, take time off 49%
  • Leave of absence 15%
  • Reduce work hours, take less demanding job 14%
  • Receive warning about performance/attendance 7%
  • Give up working entirely 6%
  • Turn down promotion 5%
  • Retired early 4%
  • Lose job benefitts 3%
  • Any of these 61%

We are the first company to provide a “virtual gerontologist” software platform that will educate the employees and give them access to services where they are needed. Through our low cost pricing, you will gain access to our software and our trusted vetted network of professionals. 

This will give a competitive edge for brokers who want to embrace the future of Eldercare Benefits.


“We spend 9 months preparing for the birth of a child, but it seems like we only have 9 seconds when dealing with a crisis of an aging loved one” -Jeff Huber, President of Home Instead