How Senior Provider Network Integrates Into Employee Benefits Program

employee benefits integration.jpgIntegrating an employee assistance program (EAP) into your company can be a complex undertaking. The questions you may have to answer can seem endless: Do you have multiple locations? Do you have different organizational cultures at each site? Do you prefer online or on-site orientation sessions?

Beyond that, some EAP programs require your team to spend hours—sometimes even days—on the implementation process, resulting in lost time and productivity. According to Chestnut Global Partners “Trends Report 2015”, only 5.5% of employees utilize EAP benefits, often due to the complicated nature of industry practices.

Senior Providers takes a much different approach. If you’re wondering how you can integrate our EAP into your current employee benefits program, read on.

How Long Will The Integration Process Take?

Senior Providers is a simple, standalone network that facilitates employees in caring for their elderly parents and family. Unlike many of our competitors, we provide same-day installation—your team can begin using the network almost immediately. Our web portal doesn’t have any HIPAA requirements, is password protected for security, and integrating our program into your intranet isn’t necessary.

Many EAPs today have drawn out implementation processes where employees are required to help in the distribution of announcements, participate in onerous orientation programs, and provide medical information they may not even have.

Working with Senior Providers, our trained professionals take less than a day to integrate our program securely into your system. Post-installation we’ll provide full instructions on immediately granting employees access to the system.

What Is My Company Required To Do For Integration?

Senior Providers handles the majority of the integration process. We don’t require mobile apps or special software—our program uses a simple web portal that lives in the cloud and can be accessed from almost any internet-ready device.

We use real-life scenarios to save your employees confusion in attempting to understand the fragmented and complicated eldercare assistance program industry. Our system presents the user with a variety of scenarios they might be facing, such as an “elderly parent getting home from the hospital.” The system then asks a few questions to locate the provider best suited to help with the scenario and offers to provide references.

Our platform will provide solutions to your employees in moments instead of days. There’s no complicated education, security, or HIPAA requirements for your employees to adhere to. Senior Providers minimizes technical demands and barriers to accessibility, helping your team get the healthcare answers they need so they can focus more of their attention on professional obligations.

To see how we can decrease your lost productivity time and assist your employees in caring for their elderly loved ones, click here to fill out a demo request form.

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