How Much Does Senior Providers Network EAP Cost?

Whether your company is choosing an EAP or any other employee benefit policy, there are several questions to consider. What’s a fair price to invest? Are the going rates cost-effective? Is there room for improvement or a way to save your company more while still receiving high-quality services?

We believe that the average annual EAP rate of $12 to $40 per employee is an unnecessarily high expense. With the removal of inessential costs, plus our simple-to-integrate software, Senior Providers Network is committed to providing your company top-notch services at an affordable price below most of our competitors.

How Much Will Senior Providers Network EAP Cost?

Senior Providers Network offers an initial investment far less than other EAP options, which helps increase your ROI. Through new referral methods and cloud-based technology, we’ve created an employee benefits program that’s cost competitive yet can provide high-quality senior care assistance.

Our prices are as follows:

Companies with over 150 employees are charged $0.50 per employee per month. For companies with less than 150 employees, we charge a flat rate of $900 per year. Installing our network comes with a one-time setup fee of $500 for companies between 0 and 10,000 employees, and $1,000 for companies larger than 10,000 employees.

These prices come with a myriad of benefits and resources:

  • Information on elderly care solutions
  • Secure, password-protected usage
  • A user-friendly software system
  • Connection to vetted professionals
  • Decrease in your company’s lost productivity time

How Does This Compare to Other Providers?

The inflation of costs due to high technical demands (read: integrating programs into the intranet, call centers, etc.) are resulting in higher rates for companies likes yours. Senior Providers Network has created a system that falls well below the annual average of $12 to $40 per employer per year. Our simple integrated software keeps the overhead low, providing us with the opportunity to pass the savings onto you.

Senior Providers Network also earns revenue through provider commissions. All of our partners are professionals we have vetted based on industry best practices. We only accept professional providers we would recommend for our own family members. Also, we are not beholden to any one company. We have created partnerships with many companies throughout different industries. In the event a user is not satisfied with a referral, we will work tirelessly until you are satisfied.

In simple terms: Many EAP companies are approaching their methods in an inefficient way, increasing the cost to end users. Senior Providers Network is introducing a cost-effective, simplified eldercare assistance program, reinventing what it means to lower investment rates while continuing to provide top-notch care for your employees.

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