Does Senior Providers Network EAP Program Have a Call Center?

efficient elder care eap.jpgIt’s a standard industry practice for employees to contact a call center to access EAP benefits. Before receiving any resources, connections to medical professionals, or senior care solutions, employees often need to speak to someone on the phone.

However, Senior Providers has gone against the status quo. We’ve found through research and implementation that entirely removing the need for a call center saves our clients time, money, and trouble. There are a few reasons your employees will still receive great benefits and increase your ROI without one.

How Will My Employees Receive Benefits Without A Call Center?

From initial installation to ongoing maintenance and user access, the Senior Providers Network is designed around simplicity. Once integration is complete, your employees are immediately granted access to EAP benefits through our portal with a unique user ID and password.

Using the portal, the user will be presented with multiple real-life scenarios that they may face while caring for their elderly loved one. For example: “Your Loved One… is being discharged from a hospital or facility.” Once the user identifies the problem they’re struggling with, they’ll select that scenario to move forward.

From there, our system asks a few more simple questions to identify the service professional that fits the user’s needs, then offers to give them references. Within moments, the user is provided with the reference information they need to help solve their immediate care problem.

How Is This More Efficient Than Other Competitors?

Unfortunately, there are many downfalls associated with EAP call centers:

  • Long hold times in between representatives and providers
  • User hesitation to disclose personal information to a stranger
  • Wait times associated with finding the correct references
  • Dealing with someone not trained in geriatric care
  • The need to understand industry knowledge and medical terms
  • Call centers are outsourced to foreign locations

The senior care industry is fragmented and confusing, which is exactly why we’ve created a system that presents medical situations in clear language first. Eliminating the need for a call center not only provides solutions faster, but saves our company a great monthly expense – savings we pass along to our clients.

To see our intuitive software navigation, click here to request a demo. Using the Senior Providers Network can increase company productivity and help employees care for their families, without your company having to invest in an expensive, restrictive EAP program.

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